About Susan Starr

Susan Starr is a writer, editor, Tarot and oracle card reader, and a reiki and shamanic practitioner. Nature-based spirituality informs her worldview and her connection to the Divine. She is a lover of words, of animals, of food, of handmade anything, and of her daughters, most of all.

Susan Starr

Susan has been engaged in discovering the truth of her heart through spiritual study, at times through deep valleys of despair and even greater peaks of joy. Through all of this she has come to know that she came into this life to assist others in finding the truth of their own hearts, to get to their still place and really listen. Her writing and creative projects reflect this calling, and she feels blessed to be able to share in this way with her readers.

Susan welcomes other artistic collaborations. You can contact her by email, and for more information view her author’s website.

To purchase Gaia’s Vision, please visit Where to Buy Cards.


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