The Messages

Messages by Susan Starr.

Here are the messages for each image below, contained in the guidebook that accompanies the cards. In the guidebook you’ll find instructions on how to use the cards plus all 40 messages, suggested questions and spreads for visioning, and more.

Walking the Path
A soft path through sun-dappled leaves, crimson and
green, each step a watercolor dream…create the path as
you go. You are passing from your now into your future.
Clear the way to joy, notice beauty in each step…breathe
in the colors of the heart chakra, and live there. You are
the dreamer and the dream.

Ripe Knowing
Seed pods spring from the fecund Mother, awaiting
their time…so many births are possible. Playful spirits
commune…which seeds will bring joy, deep growth?
One by one, they burst…some will sprout…fairies dance,
watching them thrive. The Mother smiles.

Joyful Body
Succulent flowers surround you…food for body, food for
soul…the sweet nectar calls you. Drink deep, replenish
yourself. Feed on their beauty…become fresh and alive…
grow healthy, strong, and capable.

Divine Favor
Waves of calm wash over you…your choices are
supported…your beauty is appreciated. Protected and
precious, you are beloved. Gaia meets you with a smile.

Budding Heart
Delicate wonder…centered in your core. Bliss and calm…
the power to see now what you missed before. Your heart
is the gathering place…fresh light dances around your
awareness. Beginnings…you are ripe for the secret.

Ancient Light
Sparkling night…you look up, through time. Ancestor

spirits live…they stand, tall as trees…speaking truth.
Hidden meanings revealed…answers emerge from
darkness. A million eternal stars…you dream of the
mystery. You know it all within.

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